IB - International Baccalaureate


Apply to IB DP

All applicants must fill out an application form

DP application writeable

(click on the link – write directly into the application – click in the right corner of your screen to download (with changes) and you now have all your informations written in the application. You can now send it directly to the school as an attached file.)


The application form must be sent to our school along with:

  • the latest report card. E.g. if you have attended the Danish Folkeskole and spent a year abroad you must also send a copy of your results of the final examination.
  • A personal statement
  • A copy of identification paper with your name and address
  • A letter of recommendation (if possible)
  • Video presentation in english (if possible)


Please note: The preparatory IB class is NOT a prerequisite for applying to the Diploma Programme. However, the applicant must have completed:

  • 11 years of school in a European school system
  • The GCSE in a British-type school system or Cambridge IGCSE (a minimum of 5 subjects)
  • Grade 10 in a North American-type school system
  • The Danish pre-IB or Danish STX 1g

We will assess the application based on the student’s personal statement, grades and previous schooling. Applicants may be asked to come for an interview in English or for an admission test.

!! Please do NOT send your files through google drive. Attach the files as an pdf to your email correspondence.