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Data Protection

Information on the processing of personal data for students (and parents of students under 18)[1]

As part of your education at Struer Statsgymnasium, Struer Statsgymnasium collects and processes personal information about you (and your parents if you are under 18), cf. Article 6, part 1, and Article 9, part 1 of the Data Protection Regulation.[2]

Struer Statsgymnasium strives to treat as few personal data about you (and your parents if you are under the age of 18) as possible, and we only process the personal data we have if the processing is necessary, objectively justified and proportionate.

Thus, as a rule, we collect and treat only the personal data that are necessary for us to comply with our obligations under the legislation. This includes identifying you, placing you in classes/subjects, teaching you, managing your absence and for us to document that you, for example, can be promoted to the next grade, can receive SU or other services that you have applied for yourself, or that you can be allowed to sit exams.

The legal basis for processing your personal information is provided by the law, which you will find at the end of this document.

This information is e.g.:

  • Information on placing students in classes/subjects, wishes regarding study direction, electives etc.
  • Your photo (only for internal use in Lectio unless you give consent to publication)
  • Individual agreements, e.g. about lending books
  • Information about your academic results and general assessment
  • Information about your participation in tests, mock exams and exams,
  • Information about your absence and reasons for absence

We also process personal data if it is necessary for factual, operationally reasoned causes, e.g. for carrying out control measures, preventing cheating at the exams and for use by the school’s financial management, including for example:

  • Information about your access (and your parents’ access) to and use of the IT systems in which you are established as a user. As part of our management, maintenance and prevention of abuse, we have access to information on user behavior and use of the school’s IT systems. This includes Lectio and on the school’s network, and is part of the prevention and handling of cheating during exams with internet access
  • Information on credit cards and transactions as part of your purchase (or your parents’ purchase) of tickets for school events or payment for study trips

In rare cases, it may be necessary to process confidential or sensitive personal information about you and possibly also your parents. This would be the case if you ask for special school conditions due to e.g. a disability or special social conditions, if you ignore the school’s Principles and Practices, or we suspect cheating at tests, mock exams or final exams. Moreover, it would be the case if you take a dyslexia test, if you are going on a study trip (in which case you, and possibly also your parents, must hand in a copy of your passport), or if you apply for SU based on, for example, special circumstances in the home that would allow you to receive SU as a student living away from home.


Struer Statsgymnasium only discloses personal information about you if it is a requirement according to the legislation, or if it is necessary for the performance of our duties as a youth education.

Recipients of your information can then be the recipient institution if you move school, the Youth Education Guidance (UU), if you leave the school prematurely, as well as the Ministry of Education or the Ministry’s boards, the Region or the Danish Agency for Higher Education.

Your rights (and your parents’ rights if you are under 18)

The right of access: You (or your parents) can gain insight into which personal data we process about you (or them). This includes gaining insight into what the purpose of the processing is, how long we keep the personal information, from where we have the information (if we have not received it from you), who we may pass on the personal data to, and on what basis we may transfer the personal data to third countries, cf. Article 15 of the Data Protection Regulation.

The insight can be given by either forwarding a copy of the information and/or asking you (or your parents) to log in with your user account to an IT system and see the information there (if there is full access to your own information in the system).

The right of access, however, may be limited if the considerations of private interests, confidentiality of other individuals’ information or the duty of confidentiality in the public administration so requires, cf. § 22 of the Data Protection Act.

The Right to Objection: You (or your parents) may object to our processing of personal data if your interest in not processing personal data precedes Struer Statsgymnasium’s legitimate interests in being able to process, as provided for in Article 21 of the Data Protection Regulation

Right of Rectification: You (or your parents) can correct or add personal information about you, in accordance with Article 16 of the Data Protection Regulation.

The right to limitation of treatment: You (or your parents) have the right to limit our processing of personal data if there are particular reasons for doing so, cf Article 18 of the Data Protection Regulation.

Right to Deletion: We keep your personal information for as long as it is necessary for Struer Statsgymnasium’s documentation of our administration of your schooling. Most of the information about you is therefore deleted 3 years after you have graduated from the school. However, the following information about you will only be deleted after 5 years: information in cases concerning application and administration of SU for students living away from home and SPS funds. The following information about you will be deleted after 10 years: information on sanctions. Your diploma will be deleted after 30 years. Your parents’ personal information (contact and system user information) is stored until you reach the age of 18. If you have agreed that we are still allowed to contact your parents about your schooling after you have turned18 years of age, we will keep your parents’ personal information until three years after you graduated from school. If, for example, as part of an application for SU for students living away from home, information has been obtained about your parents’ income or other matters, we will keep them until five years have passed since you graduated from the school. If you revoke the consent you have given to us for certain considerations, we will terminate the personal data you consented to in future. However, we may need to continue to process certain personal data for a limited period of time, for example, as evidence of the administration of financial grants or special terms that you have received on the basis of personal data that you consented to for us to use. If your consent is given to the publication of your photo or a video on the Internet, we will do whatever is technically feasible with the tools we hold to remove your personal information again. However, we cannot guarantee that the material can be removed from e.g. Google’s search engine or Facebook. 

How to use your rights: You (or your parents) must contact the school, cf. the section on Formalia below, and state what right you want to use and why. We will then examine whether we agree that the right can be exercised. If we do not immediately agree, we give a justification for it, and you will then have the opportunity to make a statement before we make a final decision on whether the right can be exercised. Our decision must follow the rules of the Public Administration Act on consultation, justification and guidance on complaints, cf. § 19–25 of the Public Administration Act.


Struer Statsgymnasium is data responsible for the treatment of personal information described in the above.

If you (or your parents) have questions or wish to make use of the rights described above, the school (struer-statsgym@stgym.dk) or the school’s data protection officer DPO@herningsholm.dk can be contacted.


Struer Statsgymnasium’s processing of personal data can be appealed to the Data Inspectorate, Borgergade 28, 5, 1300 Copenhagen K.

The authority for processing your personal information (and your parents’ personal information) can be found in the following legislation:

Laws and departmental order for students who have started their education after 1 August, 2017:

  • Act on upper secondary education/Lov om de gymnasiale uddannelser (Act no. 611 of 28/05/2019)
  • The Business Training Act/Erhvervsuddannelsesloven (Act no. 282 of 18/04/2018)
  • Departmental Order on upper secondary education/Bekendtgørelse om de gymnasiale uddannelser (bkg. 497 of 18/05/2017)
  • Departmental Order on Vocational Training/Bekendtgørelse om erhvervsuddannelse (Order. 570 of 07/05/2019)
  • The SU Act(SU-loven (Act no. 1037 of 30/08/2017)
  • General Examination Order (Almen Eksamensbekendtgørelse (Order. 343 of 08/04/2016)
  • Vocational Examination Order/Erhvervsrettet eksamensbekendtgørelse (Order. 41 of 16/01/2014)
  • Executive Order on Principles and Practices in upper secondary education (Order. No. 1077 of 13/09/2017),
  • Executive Order on special grants for special educational assistance in youth education, etc. (SPS Executive Order) (Order. No. 528 of 02/05/2019)

Laws and departmental orders for students who have started their education before 1 August, 2017:

  • Gymnasieloven (Law no. 766 of 09/06/2015)
  • The HHX Act (Act No. 200 of 08/03/2016)
  • The HF Act (lbk. No. 767 of 09/06/2015)
  • The STX Executive Order (Order No. 776 of 26/06/2013)
  • The HHX Executive Order (Order No. 777 of 26/06/2013)
  • The HF Executive Order (Order No. 779 of 26/06/2013)
  • General Examination Order (Order No. 343 of 08/04/2016)
  • Vocational Exam Order (Order No. 41 of 16/01/2014)
  • Order of Merit (Order No. 130 of 21/02/2011)
  • The SU Act (Act no. 1037 of 30/08/2017)
  • Order on Principles and Practices in upper secondary education programs (Order No. 1077 of 13/09/2017 and §§ 9, 10 and 14 of the previous bkg. No. 1222 of 04/12/2006),
  • Executive Order on special grants for special educational assistance in youth education, etc. (SPS Executive Order) (Order No. 1377 of 09/12/2013)

Use of Struer Statsgymnasium’s network and secure communication with us about your schooling

As part of your schooling, you (and your parents until you turn 18) will gain access to some of the school’s IT systems and teaching networks.

You can find our guidelines on what the school’s IT systems and networks must be used for in the school’s Principles and Practices.




[1] This information is given in relation to article 13 and 14 of the Data Protection Regulation.

[2] Regulation of the EU Parliament and Commission 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 regarding protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free exchange of such information and of the repealing of directive 95/46/EF (general Data Protection Regulation).