IB - International Baccalaureate



The six IB subjects (Choices before 1st of March) 

  • At least three and not more than four subjects must be studied at higher level (HL) = 240 hours over the two years
  • If you choose Math HL, you have to take 4 HL subjects.
  • Three (or two if 4 HLs have been chosen) must be studied at standard level (SL) = 150 hours over the two years

Group 1 | Mother Tongue

Danish A Literature HL/SL English A Language & Literature HL/SL | Self-taught SL

Group 4 | Natural Sciences

Biology HL/SL | Chemistry HL/SL | Physics HL/SL | Sports, Exercise and Health Science SL

Group 2 | Foreign language

English B HL | Danish B HL | German B HL/SL | Spanish ab initio SL ...........................

GROUP 5 | Mathematics

Application & Interpretation SL | Analysis & Approaches HL/SL

Group 3 | Individuals & Societies

History HL/SL | Psychology HL/SL | Business & Management HL/SL | Global politics HL/SL

Group 6 | Arts & Electives

Visual Arts HL/SL | Another Group 2, 3 or 4 Subject HL/SL

How to choose?

It is obviously very important to make the right choices and it would be a good idea to consider the following elements before choosing:

What are you good at?
What interests you?
Teacher’s advice  
The teachers know you and will know how to guide you.
Future plans          
Do you need a certain subject in order to be admitted at a certain university?
Start doing your research early!


Health sciences

Language A HL/SL
Language B HL/SL
Psychology SL
Chemistry SL
Analysis & Approaches HL/SL
Biology/Physics HL/SL

Humanities (faculty of arts)

Language A HL/SL
Language B HL
History HL
Application & Interpretation SL
Language B SL


Language A HL/SL
Language B HL
History SL
Biology/Chemistry/Physics/SEHS HL/SL
Business & Management HL/SL
Global Politics SL


Language A HL/SL
Language B HL/SL
Psychology HL
Biology HL
Analysis & Interpretation SL
Visual Arts HL

When to choose?

1st of March

Please note: The definite choice of courses and levels depends on student choices and schedule considerations.

There will be mock exams in the pre-IB in June and a Math placement test in the diploma programme and we reserve the right to move students to the appropriate levels.

The three core elements of the hexagon

Theory of Knowledge (ToK)      

An interdisciplinary course of critical thinking           

100 teaching hours and an essay of app. 1500 words

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

At least 150 hours of voluntary, extracurricular activities

Extended Essay (EE)

A research paper on a topic of the student’s choice; app. 4000 words

Student counselling

For the IB at Struer Statsgymnasium:

Jesper sigh | jsi@stgym.dk

For studies in Denmark

Camille Bøgh Tybjerg | caty@studievalg.dk


For studies abroad

Kilroy Education



Danish Students Abroad: www.DSAbroad.dk

StudyAbroad: https://www.studyabroad.com/