IB - International Baccalaureate


What is Pre-IB

The Pre-IB is a preparatory year which prepares students for the IB diploma programme. It is aimed at Danish students who want to bridge the gap between the Danish elementary school (folkeskole or efterskole) and the IB Diploma. It is also a preparatory year for students from abroad who have not finished 11 years of education yet.

All subjects in the pre-IB are taught in English, which gives the students an excellent opportunity to improve their English proficiency and get ready for the challenges of the diploma programme.

The pre-IB is structured like the first year (1g) in the Danish gymnasium (STX). It is still possible to transfer back to the Danish STX in November or after the full pre-IB year.

You complete Pre-IB with end of term tests that will work as entry tests to the IB DP.