Kostskole | Boarding school


Kostskoleliv | Boarding School life


Boarding school life is (also) leisure life

To us, boarding school life is the homely setting for your schooling at Struer Statsgymnasium. In other words, the boarding school will be your home away from home while being a student in one of the programmes offered at truer Statsgymnasium, including the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. At the boarding school, we wish to create a homely atmosphere and we emphasize the importance of creating meaningful activities. Moreover, we put value on a healthy diet and that you are surrounded by a team of professional and dedicated staff.

At our boarding school, you contribute to defining your own personal touch on boarding school life. Boarding school life is our name for all the extras. We have a gym and a fitness room.

We have 40 mountain bikes for trips in the woods and on internationally recognized MTB routes in Struer. We have our own sea kayaks with the opportunity to take a free kayak course. We offer free concert experiences in the local Culture House (Folkets Hus); we organize activities such as hardball, self-defense, football, spinning, yoga, E-sports, bowling tours, shelter tours, fishing trips, excursions to Copenhagen or Hamburg and more.

Though due to the Corana Pandemic we are not able to travel anywhere at the moment. But as soon as we are able – we are going..