IB - International Baccalaureate


How to apply

The application procedure depends on whether you are applying to Pre-IB or the Diploma Programme.

Please read more about the application procedure by choosing one of the options in our menu to the right.

EU citizen or non-EU citizen?

Non-EU citizen:

Non-EU citizens cannot be granted more than a one-year-visa by the Danish immigration authorities unless special circumstances are in place. Struer Statsgymnasium does not accept applicants who cannot complete the full 2-year IB Diploma in Denmark, due to visa restrictions. 

EU citizen:

For applicants coming from an EU country, an EU residence permit must be obtained upon arrival in Denmark. 

The following documentation is necessary, although we would like all applicants to check https://www.nyidanmark.dk/en-us/frontpage.htm to be sure that all information is up-to-date.

  • A passport photo 
  • Applicant’s birth certificate (original), if applicant is under 18. 
  • Last three months’ pay slips from the supporting parent(s) or a print of your bank account(s)/ bank account of your supporting parent(s). 
  • Parents’ passports if applicant is under 18. 
  • Admission letter from Struer Statsgymnasium
  • If parents are divorced and applicant is under 18: Notarized documentation of divorce, and a notarized statement that both parents consent to the child studying abroad.

The above documentation must be brought in person to the Danish authorities, located in Aarhus, Denmark, upon arrival. 

It is advisable that applicants under 18 bring a Danish-speaking helper when going to apply for the residence permit.