IB - International Baccalaureate


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“The IB programme offered me the opportunity to study a wide array of disciplinary topics while being perpetually linked to an international environment, thus developing my awareness for global issues.”

– Andrei

“I took IB because I like traveling and I find different cultures very interesting to learn about. The IB allowed me to find new friends from all over the world and allowed me to experience different cultures every day.”

– Arthur

“I always wanted to be a part of an international environment that would help me improve my English. I think the IB Diploma will give me more opportunities than a normal school would for my future.”

– Bill

“I chose IB because it’s an international program that opens up a lot of doors to the future.”

– Helena

“IB in Struer is a wonderful experience that expanded my horizons by not only showing me different perspectives on life, but also allowed me to travel abroad and experience and investigate myself! This school is wonderful for those who want to score high in life, as you will need to learn how to study, to work and communicate in order for you to have the best outcome possible!”

– Janis

“I flipped a coin on whether to come here, and it’s probably the best decision I could’ve made. So, if you’re ever having a hard time with making up your mind, let the coin help you.”

– Julia

“I enrolled in the IB programme not only for its challenging programme characteristics, but also because it allows you to improve yourself academically as well as personally, and will leave you prepared for the challenges of further educations.”

– Richard

“I chose the IB programme because I wanted to get new experiences in making new relationships and living on my own. Now, I also see that the IB provides great opportunities to develop your skills and gain new knowledge.”

– Senya

“I’ve chosen the IB because it is not just a high school program, it is a great opportunity to develop as a person, overcome your fears, broaden horizons and meet intelligent people on your life path. Moreover, it’s a lot of fun!”

– Ulyana

“I came to do IB at Struer Statsgymnasium so I could be surrounded by different cultures in a new country.”

– Xena

“Over the past 3 years our daughter has enjoyed her time in Struer Statsgymnasium, she has thrived in the friendly and international environment here. The challenging curriculum of the IB programme has helped her develop academically. The teachers are great and have provided their students with all the skills needed as they make the transition from Gymnasium to University”

– Hendrik and Shushma Booij